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Hi, I'm Muir Davis



I have lived here in La Verne most of my life.  I have and continue to participate in our schools, our community, at work, and at church.  I readily accept leadership positions and support positions.  I was the president for our neighborhood pool; I volunteered to help our school choirs construct stages; I am treasurer of my family business, I am a board member and fundraiser for the La Verne San Dimas Educational Foundation, and many others.

Experience you can trust

My educational foundation was built in Bonita schools here in La Verne. My higher education has been focused on applied mathematics. Having attended Cal Berkley, Cal Poly Pomona, and Claremont Graduate University, my formal degrees include in a Bachelors of Science in Operations Management and Decision Sciences, a Masters of Business Administration , and a Master of Science in Financial Engineering.  During my last 5 years serving on City Council I have been able to put this education to strong use and will continue to do so if re-elected.  I have been at the center of restructuring our city's unfunded liabilities and promoting financial changes which have, and will continue to, save our city and it's residents millions of dollars.  I want to continue looking for progressive financial opportunities such as advocating for Public Banking for the City of La Verne.

For over the past 20 years my professional career has been with Southern California Edison as a Senior Advisor of Business and Process Improvement.  My career relies on my applied mathematics background and complex problem solving.   

Join us in our mission


Endorsements Include:​

- The La Verne Police Officers Association

- Jim Elliot, Bonita Unified School Board Member

- Peggy Redman, University of La Verne

- Don Kendrick, former Mayor

- Brittney Allison, VP Bonita Democratic Council

- Hal Fredericksen, former La Verne Community

                                   Development Director

- Daryl and Nancy Brandt

- Donna Redman, former La Verne City Council Member

- Robin Carder, La Verne City Council Member

- Wendy Lau, La Verne City Council Member

- Rick Crosby, La Verne City Council Member

- Charlie Rosales, former La Verne City Council Member

- Jeremy Conrad, La Verne Planning Commissioner

- Eric and Juliet Davis

- Darlene Ault, Roynan Educator

- Deborah A. Waas and Thomas C. (Tim) Brayton

- Julia Wheeler, University of La Verne

- Ron Ingles, former La Verne Police Chief & City Council

- Nick Paz, former La Verne City Police Chief

- Curtis Frick, former Asst Sup Intendant BUSD

- Karen Huigens, Roynan Educator

- Christina Serra, Roynan Educator

- Daryl and Nancy Brandt

- Jim and Susie Elliot

- Carl and Cathy Davis

- Mark Vincent

- Sandi Fredericksen

- Jeremy Ault

- Stephen and Brenna Duran

...can we add your name as a supporter?

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