District 1

Hello La Verne Residents! I am running to represent District 1 on the La Verne City Council. Below is a map of the district. Please use the City of  La Verne Interactive District map to confirm that you live in District 1.

La Verne is Moving to District Voting 


  • Two California law firms are suing elected boards, city councils, etc. to force elected represented bodies that are not in districts to become districts due to alleged perceived discrimination.  These groups would include city councils, school boards, water agencies and any other body that is elected by the people.


  • Any elected body that gets a letter from one of these law firms is forced to go to districts within two months and pay the law firm $30,000.  Failure will create a law suit against that group of people.


  • La Verne chose to be proactive, create the districts and remove the possibility of receiving a law firm letter and costing La Verne tax payers $30,000.


  • La Verne is now divided into 5 districts


  • By having 5 districts instead of 4 (4 districts and an at-large mayor prevents any district having 2 votes, one being the elected council member and the other being the mayor.  This creates a more fair distribution of representation throughout the city.


  • The mayor position will rotate each year to a different district, so every 5 years, each district will be represented by the mayor


  • From 1906 (when La Verne was incorporated) until 1974, La Verne had a rotating mayor, with decisions being made by all 5 elected officials, each at one time serving as mayor. This created the great quality of life community that we live in today.


  • Even though the mayor’s vote is no different or more powerful than a council member’s vote, the mayor position will rotate.


  • Beginning in 2022, La Verne will be going back to the rotating system with a highly qualified, elected city council member being mayor.


  • Many smaller cities and some bigger cities surrounding La Verne have a rotating mayor and always have.